1/21 - 9 NEW STYLES added to Winter '18-'19 collection

BeStreet Magazine : The Whole Story of X-Large

May 26, 2016

BeStreet magazine shows some love to us in their winter issue, sharing the history of our brand and reviewing our "True OG Streetwear" book. The editorial is written by Gary Warnett, a well known writer that has an infinite amount of knowledge on sneakers, streetwear and hip hop. Gary explains the impact of X-Large and paints a vivid picture of how things were back then. We are confident in saying, there are very few that can give a better depiction of streetwear in the 90's other than Mr. Warnett.
Head over to Bestreet's website to read the editorial, then do yourself a favor and reserve a day to read through Gary's website (www.Gwarizm.com).
Gary Warnett: Gwarizm
Thank you to Benny, Shu & Gary for making this happen.

These are the size charts for the styles designed in US. 
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